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Our Tuesday night 8PM nets are now streamed onto the internet via BATC. I’ll keep it active from shortly before 8PM until about 9PM or when we close the net. If you are too far away to join our nets live, check in on the internet. I can see all check-ins and will acknowledge same. To join us on the internet, enter and click on “ATV Repeaters” (you do not need to enter a username or password unless you are a member of BATC. If you’re a BATC member, simply log in as your call will automatically show up without entering “nick…”). Scroll down till you see WR8ATV, click on it and then click on “view stream”. Then, be sure to announce your presence by typing /nick then a space followed by your call (if not a BATC member) otherwise you will only be shown only as “guest xxxx”. You can enter comments as desired that I can see and respond to. It’s a lot of fun…try it! Click on the white diamond to play a "how to" video. Click here to go to the BATC website.

A direct link to the ATCO, WR8ATV stream page is here


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Click  here if you'd like to download a PDF copy of these instruction.